FACE is a class/session consisting of juggling (coordination of hands and eyes), jumping rope (timing of feet and body with cardio), martial arts (focus on proper technique, balance and discipline of movements), and fitness games (animal games for strength and conditioning). Also, the children speak on a different word each week in terms of public speaking. The emphasis is fitness and coordination, yet also uses the subliminal concept of building self-esteem and confidence for children through performing and speaking in front of others too.  

  • juggling Fitness and Character Education (FACE) motivates elementary school children to build fitness, self esteem and character before it’s too late.
  • jumping rope
  • fitness & agility training
  • martial arts
  • public speaking
The following are sample topics that are covered during a session:
  • How to apply Personal Development and positive attitude within youth’s day-to-day schedule
  • Public Speaking on a word per class (Respect, Responsibility, Leadership, Teamwork, etc)
  • Martial Arts’ principles of balance and focus, juggling for hand/eye coordination, jumping rope for timing and cardio
  • How to build Discipline, Fitness and Self-Esteem by having FUN each week

Fitness training is essential, but CHARACTER BUILDING is Priceless!

The three main beneficial aspects of FACE are seen in the changes that take place in the life of the individual student.  Teachers and faculty have observed the following:

  • Increased self-esteem. As students reach new levels of skill coordination and complete exercises in character building, such as public speaking, they are FACE the Future: Helping today's youth become tomorrow's successful leaders.“promoted” with different color t-shirts, certificates and ribbons denoting their accomplishments. This is reinforced through praise and reflection upon how much they have accomplished, with focus on being a leader.
  • Increased self-confidence. This is exemplified both inside the classroom where students are less afraid to participate in learning activities and outside the classroom where students interact more positively with others.
  • Aggression Management. Students prone to disciplinary problems find physical and emotional outlets through exercise, mental stimulation and accomplishment.
After School Enrichment or Extended care programs ideal for elementary schools, after school for kids.

At-Risk Youth or individuals selected from School administrators ideal for building self-esteem and turning trouble makers into Leaders!

Weekly on-going Classes ideal for improvement in both physical and mental aspects of child(ren).

Seminars and Workshops are ideal for keynote and presentation to large groups.  

Black Belt wisdom shared with audience while "Edu-taining" messages of Respect, Helping, Sharing, Focus, and Fun. Vignettes of audience participation and visual principles (jump rope, juggling, karate boards, etc.) strengthens the message!


General Assembly includes:

  • Interaction with audience members
  • Respect Others and yourself thru Martial Arts wisdom
  • Helping and value of education thru jumping rope
  • Sharing and multi-tasking thru juggling
  • The Power of a Compliment
  • Overcoming Obstacles thru breaking boards
  • Fun!

This keynote is packed with practical information and methods that will immediately improve your school environment

We guarantee it!

  • Mr. Kirk, The students were SO EXCITED about the FACE program yesterday. They can't wait until next week. THANK YOU!

    Collondra G. Reese, School CounselorPinedale Elementary
  • Kirk is an inspiration to the entire Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association. My words can not express the total respect and admiration I have for him as a Sensei (teacher) and a leader.

    Grandmaster Quynh NgoCuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts
  • Dear Mr. Kirk, Thank you for helping me on being a leader. I'm really starting to improve now. So I would like to thank you for helping me improve my leadership.

    Tyrese P., 5th grade studentSpring Park Elementary
  • Thank you Mr. Kirk! What a treat it was it have you come and speak for our 3rd-5th graders. I loved looking around the audience and seeing their expressions. And I loved holding the boards for you! I was a little nervous but I’m always up for the challenge. Thank you for including me in the presentation! I also loved that you gave the boys the broken boards. They were so happy!

    Ms. Arianne Smith, School CounselorRuth Upson Elementary
  • Thanks Kirk, You really do a fantastic job with the students.

    Deloris W. Brown, CoordinatorEnglewood Family Resource Center
  • Kirk Farber has been THE one speaker that the kids in the Pre-Trial Detention Facility get the most out of his talks. He TRULY has made a difference in their lives and mine too. He has volunteered his talents and time since 1997.

    Peggy Johnsonco-founder of program at Juvenile Detention Center
  • I would recommend FACE Program to any organization that works with youth. The strategies used by Mr. Farber encourages students to improve themselves and strengthen their minds.

    Ms. Nicole Gamble, School CounselorJohn Love Elementary
  • Mr. Farber’s FACE program has been highly successful at our school. The children have responded positively, with a few children taking tremendous strides to improve their attitude, conduct and grades.

    Mary BraceyABE Community Education Coordinator
  • Kirk, I Did It!! It just came about, getting that third ball out of the hand. As you said, PRACTICE - PRACTICE and you will get better. It added a new dimension to my life - You are a Great Teacher!!

    Dick Bloodgood72 years young, learned juggling