FACE Partner Program

We have embarked upon a journey to partner with like-minded individuals like yourself, that have a desire to bring character, fitness and leadership skills to our youth (as well as run their own business and create additional revenue for themselves).  We have spent decades working with our youth, years creating the FACE program and the last 12 months honing the business portion of the company in order to launch this expansion phase.

We are excited that the FACE program will soon be in dozens of locations across the country and begin changing thousands of lives in the next 12 months.

You will find information on  'Become a Partner' Program Info, as well as an overview of the Table of Contents of the Operations Manual, and two chapter “snippets” .  You will see the expansive detail that has been put into the manual in order to set you up for success in running the FACE Program (and running a business) in your community. 

After you have a chance to review the info, let’s discuss via email or a conference call.  The purchase options and the return-on-investment details are better left to (live) conversation.  I will go over those details in our call.

Fitness and Character Education (FACE): Helping today's youth become tomorrow's successful leaders.

Kirk Farber, Founder and Executive Director
Fitness And Character Education, Inc.

Partner Testimonial

“I implemented the F.A.C.E. Program in my community and I am already reaping the rewards of changed lives, happy faces and a new income stream for my existing Karate business. The FACE Program is one of a kind and I am proud to have been asked to be the first Partner!”
~Joe Varady, FACE of Phoenixville, PA


FACE4Kids - Become a Partner (PDF)
Table of Contents Overview (PDF)
FACE4Kids Operations Manual - Chapter 2 (PDF)
FACE4Kids Operations Manual - Chapter 4 (PDF)