FACE Sponsor Program

We have embarked upon a journey to partner with like-minded individuals and companies that have a desire to change a community by bringing character, fitness and leadership skills to our youth.  We have spent decades working with our youth, years creating the FACE Program and the last 12 months honing the business portion of the company in order to launch this expansion phase.

We are excited that, with your help, the FACE program will soon be in dozens of locations across the country and begin changing thousands of lives in the next 12 months. We hope that you will join us on this journey to change lives.

You will find information on  the 'Become a Sponsor” Program, as well as an overview of the Table of Contents of the Operations Manual, and two chapter “snippets” . You will see the great detail we take to ensure that our values are taught to every child in every program in every city across the country.  Your charitable contribution will be utilized to move this initiative forward and create new programs in new locations across the country. 

After you have a chance to review the info, I am glad to discuss via email or a phone call.  The sponsor/support options and the return-on-investment details are better left to (live) conversation.  Thank you for your consideration and support of the FACE program.


Kirk Farber, Founder and Executive Director
Fitness And Character Education, Inc.

FACE Inc. - Become a Sponsor (PDF)
Table of Contents Overview (PDF)
FACE Operations Manual - Chapter 2 (PDF)
FACE Operations Manual - Chapter 4 (PDF)

Support Letter from a School
Intrepid Capital Management, Inc.
Mark Travis, CEO

Dear Mark,

It is with great enthusiasm that I write to you today with regard to your financial support of Fitness and Character Education program (F.A.C.E.). As the principal of Mayport Elementary School, I wanted you to know how appreciative we are for the F.A.C.E. program at our school. Your support during the 2011-2012 school year allowed the F.A.C.E. program to truly make a difference for the entire school population from both the Assemblies and Graduation ceremonies. I have seen firsthand the impact F.A.C.E. has made in the lives of our students. The students have benefitted through increased skills in fitness and character development as well as increased self-confidence.

I thank you again for choosing to fund F.A.C.E. at Mayport Elementary School. When I think about the benefits of helping to ensure the lasting sustainability of this program, I can think of few other emerging education programs that better represent a worthy investment of resources.

Yvonne M. Ferguson