FACE4Kids in the Schools!

This upcoming school year will have many new schools that have requested FACE, thus we need to lock in our sessions/dates/times for your school. Each school that signs up for the FACE program needs to have a ‘teacher or counselor contact’ that is willing to sit in on 3-4 classes along with a one-day Teach-the-Teacher training. Since FACE is providing the program at no charge, the commitment is required on a first come basis. Please feel welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

The following time slots are available along with Sessions, and can be somewhat flexible based on each school’s needs. The program can be shortened if needed (ie 45-50 minutes) or start 15 minutes earlier/later if concerns with lunch times or classes. The room needs to be an open area (ie, multi-purpose room, cafeteria floor, empty classroom with space) where students can do their exercises (animal games, jump rope, juggling, etc.) while also having floor or seats for the public speaking section. We are continuing our commitment to Make a Difference in our 15th year of FACE sessions for the 2017-2018 school year.

Program Implementation Information
Logistics and details of implementing FACE in your school

Schools that have requested FACE4Kids 2017/2018 school year: John E. Ford, Loretto, Seabreeze, ABE, Mayport, JBE, Ruth Upson, YMLA, Arlington, Dinsmore, Normandy Village, Holiday Hill, Mamie Agnes Jones, Lone Star, Southside Estates, Abess Park, Hogan Spring Glen, Ortega, Oceanway, Lake Forest Elementary, and Highlands Middle.

SESSION I (9/25/17 - 11/17/17)
John E. Ford, Loretto, Seabreeze, ABE, Mayport, Ruth Upson, Barkley*

SESSION II (1/22/18 - 03/16/18)
New Berlin, Oceanway, Reynolds Lane, Windy Hill, Seabreeze, Twin Lakes Academy, ABE, J. Allen Axon, Barkley*

SESSION III (4/2/18 - 5/24/18)

* Phoenixville, PA public elementary school

Schools implemented FACE4Kids program in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017: Ramona Blvd., Southside Estates, San Jose, Ft. Caroline, Duval Charter Westside, North Shore, Reynolds Lane, Normandy Village, San Pablo, Seabreeze, J. Allen Axon, Jacksonville Beach, Ruth Upson, George W. Carver, Atlantic Beach, Richard L. Brown, Windy Hill, Beauclerc, Young Men's Leadership Academy, Loretto, and Barkley* Elementary Schools. VIEW FACE METRICS

Once a school commits, then the time slot will be CLOSED. Thank you for committing to the FACE program, it will truly make a difference at your school! A Teach-the-Teacher manual will be provided to the school liaison along with communication email on the one-day training. The FACE program at your school, along with the onsite viewing of classes and one-day training is sufficient to become a FACE teacher at your school. MORE INFO


Thanks to the following supporters who MAKE A DIFFERENCE with sponsoring FACE in the Duval County Public Schools

  • United Way, Inc. - Full Service Schools (FSS)
  • Intrepid Capital Management, Inc.
  • THE PLAYERS Championship
  • Kirbo Charitable Trust Fund
  • Dubow Family Foundation
  • Deerwood Rotary Club
  • CSX Foundation
  • Walmart Foundation

See the various LOCATIONS  since 2004,
over 50 schools have requested FACE!

FACE After School Programs

MONDAY: The Discovery School, 3:15 - 4:15 pm
Session: November 13 - February 26, 2018

TUESDAY: Beaches Episcopal School, 3:10 - 4:10 pm
Session: November 14 - February 13, 2018

THURSDAY: Montessori Tides, 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Session: January 11 - May 17, 2018

FACE presenting at 'YOUR' Conference
FACE (Fitness and Character Education)
Through its core program and general assemblies, this physical activity-based character education program has reached more than 25,000 students.  Designed to assist students who are in the process of developing confidence, leadership abilities, and pro-social skills, the 8-week program culminates in a graduation event in which parents, friends, and school personnel gather to celebrate participants’ growth.  A school counselor’s role may range from facilitating the implementation (i.e. selecting students, arranging time and location, etc.) to receiving training to implement the program him/herself.  The program is run similar to a small counseling group and the basic movements can be easily demonstrated to students.  Prior experience is not necessary nor is an advanced level of fitness.   Come to this session prepared to get an overview of the FACE program, the data that documents its effectiveness for stakeholders, and a chance to have fun participating in some of the FACE movement activities (juggling, jump rope, martial arts, animal games).  
DCPS Counselor NEWS

FACE was invited to give an overview at the annual Elementary Counselor Update for DCPS since 2015.  Quarterly update meetings are designed to provide timely information and training to help insure the effective implementation of a planned delivery of counseling services at the individual elementary schools, as well as compliance with state and federal policies and procedures.

Each annual update had an excellent presentation, with focus on data metrics (pre-post surveys)since the data metrics started in 2015. The numbers tell the Metrics but the Outcomes tell the story, along with feedback and comments from many professional school counselors in the audience. FACE is making a difference including a Teach the Teacher Training.

FACE4Kids - A Youth Leadership Program

2017 Presentation for Florida State Counselor Association (FSCA) annual conference

2017 Presentation for the DCPS annual Conference

2016 Presentation for the DCPS Elementary School Counselors

2015 Presentation for the DCPS Elementary School Counselors

Data METRICS and student progress comments

 Hi Kirk
Thanks again for sharing your program today, it was clear that FACE is a perfect fit for elementary school counseling programs!  

Joni Shook
School Counseling Specialist
Duval County Public Schools

Requests from Duval County Public Schools
Dear Kirk ,

I really enjoyed your presentation about your FACE program to the elementary school counselors last month. I love the use of movement in your program and found your data impressive. I loved learning about your background and passion for helping children become better citizens and encouraging growth in leadership skills.

Teresa Hartline, School Counselor
New Berlin Elementary
Dear Kirk ,

Your presentation today got me so excited! I really believe this is the kind of program Ramona really needs. We have a lot of older students that don’t know how to channel anger correctly and have respect for one another. I’m pretty confident my students would respond to your program and I would even be very interested to do the training myself this summer. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do to get you at my school next year or anyway I can support your program.

Heather Kennedy, School Counselor
Ramona Boulevard Elementary

Dear Mr. Farber,
We would like to work with the same group of students from last year so that we can further the benefits of the program and watch our students grow and excel even more. Thank you for your time and efforts, as always.

Meri Waddill, School Counselor
Atlantic Beach Elementary

I spoke to my principal today about your program.  We would like to request FACE for the school year for several of our students here at Reynolds Lane Elementary.

Caroline Rena Richardson, School Counselor
Reynolds Lane Elementary 

Hello there,
I heard about your program at the training last week and I was hoping to get you to come out to our school to do a program with us in the upcoming year. Did you have space for us?

Mrs. Jennifer Albertson, Student Services Coordinator
Duval Charter School at Westside

Hi Kirk, It is so great to hear from you. Please put Seabreeze on for 2016-2017, we LOVE your program.

Tina M. Bennett, Principal
Seabreeze Elementary

We would love love love to have you at San Jose!!  And I would love to do the training!!!  We are Title 1 with a number of students with some challenging behaviors.  So good to have you at our Guidance Counselor Meeting today...you rocked!

Kasey Williams, School Counselor
San Jose Elementary

Mr. Farber,
I was at your presentation to counselors this morning and would like to request that you consider having your program at our school, Fishweir Elementary.  I am also interested in your training program.  I look forward to hearing back from you.

Trevelyn Alford-Davidson, Ph.D.
Professional School Counselor
Fishweir Elementary

I wanted to reach out to you regarding your F.A.C.E. program. I am interested in having your program next year. I will be at Susie E. Tolbert and we will be grades 3-5. I look forward to working with you.

Janerica Delice, School Counselor
Susie E. Tolbert

Good Morning, I would love if you could come do this group next year at Biscayne Elementary. I ran a boys group this year because so many of my students have anger problems and I feel like this would be great to do next year with those students as well. Thank you.

Kaitlin Hall, School Counselor
Biscayne Elementary

This is great! I shared this with by principal and we are both looking forward to have your program at our school in October.

Mrs. Delgado, School Counselor
Beauclerc Elementary

Great presentation today!! Please, please come back to Fort Caroline Elementary!  What do I need to do to make it happen?

School Counselor
Fort Caroline Elementary

Hi Kirk,
I am the school counselor at Southside Estates Elementary School and I would really like to implement your program at our school next year. We have a really tough fourth grade group of boys that would really benefit. I wanted to touch base with you to see if you can provide me with more information and I thought maybe I could be one of the ten schools :) Thanks for your help!

Rebecca Eblin, School Counselor

Southside Estates Elementary School

I saw your presentation at our school counselor update meeting last Friday. I am very interested in having you and your program come to Ruth N Upson next year. Please let me know if you'd be available in the fall.

Arianne Smith , School Counselor
Ruth Upson Elementary 

Mr. Farber,
Thank you for reaching out to me. I am looking for to having a partnership with you for the upcoming school year.

Ms. Felicia Hardaway, Principal
North Shore Elementary School

As a school counselor, I see the value in this truly unique program that has the potential to make a BIG impact on at-risk students' lives.  The implementation at Seabreeze this year had great results.  The boys were hand selected by their teachers as needing to develop in character and leadership qualities.  Their self-confidence was built, they felt special and included, and many of them stepped up and made the behavioral changes.  

Kim Kelly, M.S., Ed.S.
School Counselor
Seabreeze Elementary School

I am interested in having this program at my school Young Men's Leadership Academy(YMLA). I feel that this program will benefit our students as they struggle with becoming the leaders that they were meant to be.

Dr. Alzic Upton, School Counselor
Young Men's Leadership Academy(YMLA)