History of FACE

Kirk Farber, Executive Director of Fitness and Character EducationThe founder, Kirk Farber, began this path while he was working with incarcerated 14-17 year olds in the Duval County Jail.  He saw a common pattern with the kids and realized that most of the kids lacked a father figure or mentor.  Seeing how this need was also growing with children not incarcerated, Kirk developed a program for elementary children to focus on positively influencing them on a larger scale.

They did not think of the consequences, yet were old enough to suffer the consequences.

 In 2003 Kirk developed FACE (Fitness And Character Education) for elementary children. He took the best of his martial arts, jumping rope and juggling training and added the public speaking and character education portion as the cornerstones of the program while focusing on a “preventive maintenance” philosophy – earlier than later! Kirk’s 30+ years in motivational speaking and martial arts made him the ideal person to create this cutting edge youth-leadership program.

Fitness is Essential, yet Character Education is Priceless!


The first year of FACE was focused primarily on after-school sessions.  But after the first year,FACE realized that the children that needed the program the most were often unable to pay for the sessions.  In 2010, FACE Inc became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to gain additional funding (grants, donations and sponsors) for the program. Kirk was appointed Executive Director by the Board of Directors, and truly has a passion and history of FACE.


Fitness and Character Education (FACE) motivates elementary school children to build fitness, self esteem and character before it’s too late.


Since 2004, FACE has been shared in over 50 different
elementary schools or environments
Truly Making a Difference!

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Making a Difference!

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FACE the Future: Helping today's youth become tomorrow's successful leaders.

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