General Assemblies

Building a Community - One Leader at a Time!

A General Assembly for Large Audiences -
Focus is on respecting one's self and
helping others while having fun.

General Assembly includes:

  • Interaction with audience members
  • Respect others and yourself thru Martial Arts wisdom
  • Helping and timing of education thru jumping rope
  • Sharing and multi-tasking thru juggling
  • Overcoming obstacles thru breaking boards
  • Fun!

This keynote is packed with practical information and methods that will immediately and dramatically increase your business or school environment — we guarantee it!

"Building a Community – One Leader at a Time!" includes...

  • Respect, Helping, Sharing, Focus and Fun
  • Looking in the mirror
  • Positive Mental Attitude - A Way of Life
  • Be a Leader - Not a Follower!
  • Control your own actions and words
  • The Power of a Compliment!
  • Jumping Rope, Juggling, Breaking Boards
  • Coordination and audience participation exercises
  • Learn the secrets to share with others!

Build student self-esteem, self-confidence, and leadership qualities!!

Building a Community – One Leader at a Time! General Assemblies have been requested with over 30 different schools/locations since 2004.

See a sample Flyer for your school to view.
See a sample Agenda for your school to view.

Why should your organization or students participate?

This course will provide a service designed to meet the needs of participants. All information is structured to increase consistency in all areas of individual motivation, coping with stress, respect, helping others, being a friend, positive attitude, and leadership role within a team or school environment.

The people in your organization or school may have good reason to be concerned for Building a Community – One Leader at a Time! . Now is the time to join those who are learning awareness, control and reaction within the mind, body and spirit of each participant. This program is worth inquiring about, as it is much in demand.

Your support CAN make a difference, please contact us if you know a school that could appreciate these programs, as grant monies are available!



Building a Community – One Leader at a Time! General Assemblies have been requested with over 30 different schools/locations since 2004, including the following:


  • San Pablo Elementary
  • Discovery Montessori
  • Bolles Elementary
  • Jacksonville Beach Elementary
  • Timucuan Elementary
  • Oak Hill Elementary
  • John Love Elementary
  • Holiday Hill Elementary
  • Beaches Episcopal School
  • San Jose Catholic
  • Mayport Middle
  • Atlantic Beach Elementary
  • Bolles Middle
  • Axson Montessori
  • Joseph Finegan Elementary
  • Mayport Elementary
  • Justina Road Elementary
  • Abess Park Elementary
  • St. Simons Christian Montessori School
  • Seabreeze Elementary
  • St. Pauls Catholic School
  • Neptune Beach Elementary
  • Windy Hill Elementary
  • St. Simons Island Elementary
  • Jordan Park Community Center
  • Bayview Elementary
  • St. Brendan Catholic School
  • Hogan-Spring Glen Elementary
  • Annie R. Morgan Elementary
  • Pinedale Elementary
  • Waterleaf Elementary
  • North Shore Elementary
  • Ruth Upson Elementary
  • AMS Conference 2015
  • DCPS Counselor Conference