Donate to Fitness And Character Education (FACE4Kids)

Your Donation makes a difference

Ways to Sponsor FACE4Kids®

Why donate? To continue sharing FACE4Kids® FREE for youth schools/locations we rely on support from our community, grants, fundraising and donations. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will be directed towards our efforts to continue making a difference in the lives of our youth today.

Donation Examples

  • $25-$50 helps purchase FACE4Kids® supplies
  • $100 helps purchase supplies per location (20 jump ropes, 30 juggling balls and scarves)
  • $300 helps purchase awards per session (15 T-shirts, jump ropes, diplomas, water bottles)
  • $500 provides FACE4Kids® virtual online training program (and updates) for a school district
  • $1000 provides FACE4Kids® at a school location
  • School Sponsor - $2500 provides FACE4Kids at a school location including
    • One all-school assembly (up to 500 students)and/or virtual online training program
    • One (8) week Session and follow-up lunch bunch w/ counselor
    • Awards at Graduation Ceremony (tshirt, diploma, jump rope, etc.)
    • Teach the Teacher training for school, online support
  • Growth Sponsor - $9500 (sponsor a school throughout the year for all students in specific grade)
  • Mentoring Sponsor - $9000/year (three years commitment to one specific school) following students for 3 years with Data Metrics, FACE Core Manual, grades, etc.
  • Other Amount (donation to the General Fund of any amount)

Donate any dollar amount and your contribution will go to fund FACE programs within public elementary schools. Donations will directly impact 300 students and indirectly impact over 3000 people. Your donation, no matter how much, will be a part of something impactful!




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