Implementing Fitness And Character Education program

Implementation in Public schools

Generally speaking, participating students with following: low self esteem, lack of father figure or mentor, anger or disciplinary issues, quiet and shy, overweight and willing to do something about it, single parent, bully or been bullied … should give you an idea of some of the students who usually get selected for FACE.

I usually recommend that 10-12 students are ideal, with maximum of 15. I suggest keeping it either all one grade (ie, 4th or 5th) or keep students within a 3 year gap (don’t combine 2nd grade and 5th grade). If you do combine boys/girls, then suggest that you have at least 2-3 minimum of male/female…so an individual boy or girl is not alone. Each school is different, as glad to discuss more.

PLEASE email an electronic list of names for the FACE program prior to the start day in late September. Each school contact should let me know if there are any special circumstances about any of the students (ie, death in family, history of anger issues, lacking parental direction, etc.). This can be done in person the day of first class or prior via email or phone.

The room needs to be an open area (ie, multi-purpose room, cafeteria floor, empty classroom with space, outdoors) where students can do their exercises (animal games, jump rope, juggling, etc.) while also having floor or seats for the public speaking section. The program can be shortened if needed (ie 45-50 minutes) or start 15 minutes earlier/later if concerns with lunch times or classes. We are making a commitment to Make a Difference for Schools during the 2020-2021 school year. Safety and social distancing is easily implemented within the FACE program.

This upcoming school year will have many new schools that have requested FACE, as different slots are available over the 3 different sessions. Each school that signs up for the FACE program needs to have a ‘teacher or counselor contact’ that is willing to sit in on 2-4 classes. Since FACE is providing the program at no charge, the commitment is required on a first come basis. Please feel welcome to contact us if you have any questions

SESSION I    (09/27/21 - 11/19/21)

SESSION II   (01/10/22 - 03/04/22)

SESSION III  (03/28/22 - 05/20/22)

All 3 Sessions

* confirmed


Mon Tues Wed Thur
John E. Ford (9:30)
*John E. Ford (9:45)
J. Allen Axson (9:30) Spring Park (9:30)
*Spring Park (9:30)
Seabreeze (9:40)
Home Schooled (TBD) Ruth Upson (TBD) Private Training (11:00) *Montessori Tides 12:30
ABE (1:45)
*ABE (1:45)
Parkwood Heights (1:30) Home Schooled (TBD) *Montessori Tides 1:30
Private Training 3:30 Loretto (3:00)
*The Discovery School (3:10)
*Beaches Episcopal (3:15) *Montessori Tides (3:00)

Estimated 25+ school location sessions (public, private, home schooled, montessori)
Public schools: 8-week sessions; Private schools: 10-week sessions

Thank you for committing to the FACE program, it will truly make a difference at your school! A FACE4Kids Instructor Training (FIT) manual will be provided to the school liaison along with communication email on the one-day Instructor training. The FACE program at your school, along with the onsite viewing of classes and one-day training is sufficient to become a FACE teacher at your school. More info on FIT training.


TEACHER SURVEY: Each Teacher needs to fill out the Teacher Pre/Post Survey for each FACE participant. 

**NOTE that the survey is done PRIOR to the FACE session and right after the completion of 8-week program. The individual Pre/Post Teacher Survey should be turned into the school counselor. The counselor should either deliver surveys to Mr. Kirk or can email the total scores (5 categories) to keep it simple.

DATA SUMMARY Sheet: The summary can be printed and submitted via email or delivered in person

FACE4Kids Lunch Bunch: These plans are designed to be implemented in conjunction with FACE. You may choose to implement them in before, after, or even during the 8 weeks of the FACE program. School counselors can provide adjunct support and guidance to FACE participants by using these small group materials.

FACE METRICS: ALL Sessions include Teacher Pre/Post Survey Summary results on 5 different categories for each student/school. FACE is truly making a Difference!

The following is an Action Item document (WORD format) for each School Counselor with regard to Steps to organizing a School Counselor-led FACE group:

FACE To-Do Steps for school counselor

The Poem "I WILL WIN" will need to have 15-20 copies (a few extra, as many students will lose their sheet after the first week). Please have them ready at the front desk on the first day of FACE class. They will recite the poem during graduation along with the award ceremony and program overview for parents, administrators and peers. Following are sample PDF files from the file above, and let us know if you need a customized letter for your school.

I WILL WIN (b/w)
I WILL WIN (color)
FACE Permission letter (WORD)
FACE Graduation letter (WORD)
FACE4Kids Graduation diploma



Please try to get metrics turned in at your earliest convenience. You can always scan as PDF and send back to Kirk Farber, Executive Director.



Hi Kirk
Thanks again for sharing your program today at the Elementary School Counselor update meeting, it was clear that FACE is a perfect fit for elementary school counseling programs!

Joni Shook
School Counseling Specialist
Duval County Public Schools