Testimonials about the Fitness And Character Education program

Compliments, Requests, and Wisdom

  • "The kids may be struggling in some aspects of their academic career, but put them in FACE and it gives them so many places in which they can shine, they get to grow and discover talents they might not even have known they had."

    School Counselor Annual ConferenceDuval County Public Schools

  • "Kirk is an inspiration to the entire Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association. My words can not express the total respect and admiration I have for him as a Sensei (teacher) and a leader."

    Grandmaster Quynh NgoCuong Nhu Martial Arts

  • "Mr. Kirk, The students were SO EXCITED about the FACE program yesterday. They can't wait until next week. THANK YOU!"

    Collondra G. Reese, School CounselorPinedale Elementary

  • "Kirk Farber has been THE one speaker that the kids in the Pre-Trial Detention Facility get the most out of his talks. He TRULY has made a difference in their lives and mine too. He has volunteered his talents and time since 1997."

    Peggy Johnsonco-founder of program at Juvenile Detention Center

  • " Thank you Mr. Kirk! What a treat it was it have you come and speak for our 3rd-5th graders. I loved looking around the audience and seeing their expressions. And I loved holding the boards for you! I was a little nervous but I’m always up for the challenge. Thank you for including me in the presentation! I also loved that you gave the boys the broken boards. They were so happy!"

    Ms. Arianne Smith, School CounselorRuth Upson Elementary

  • "Kirk, I Did It!! It just came about, getting that third ball out of the hand. As you said, PRACTICE - PRACTICE and you will get better. It added a new dimension to my life - You are a Great Teacher!!"

    Dick Bloodgood72 years young, learned juggling

  • Kirk, I think what you are doing for and with the children is wonderful! You have always made a difference!

    Rosemary Kristoff, RealtorBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices

  • "I am impressed with the work this organization does and the success it appears to have with the students. Keep up the great work!"

    Ginger Howell, Executive DirectorSabel Foundation

  • You are spot on with your FACE program as it models our Beat the Streets Program. I think it’s something that we can launch nationally ...

    Al Bevilacqua, TrusteeBeat the Streets Wrestling

  • I really enjoyed your presentation about your FACE program to the elementary school counselors last month. I love the use of movement in your program and found your data impressive. I loved learning about your background and passion for helping children become better citizens and encouraging growth in leadership skills.

    Teresa Hartline, School CounselorNew Berlin Elementary

  • Your presentation today got me so excited! I really believe this is the kind of program Ramona really needs. We have a lot of older students that don’t know how to channel anger correctly and have respect for one another. I’m pretty confident my students would respond to your program and I would even be very interested to do the training myself this summer.

    Heather Kennedy, School CounselorRamona Boulevard Elementary

  • We would like to work with the same group of students from last year so that we can further the benefits of the program and watch our students grow and excel even more. Thank you for your time and efforts, as always.

    Meri Waddill, School CounselorAtlantic Beach Elementary

  • I was at your presentation to counselors this morning and would like to request that you consider having your program at our school.  I am also interested in your training program.

    Trevelyn Alford-Davidson, School CounselorFishweir Elementary

  • I am super excited about all the locations you have on hand! What a great testament to the impact you have on so many children. I am so proud of your work. I talk about you all the time!

    Iris Ivana Grant, CEO / Lead StrategistThe Genesi Group

  • " I appreciate your dedication to the youth in our community. Your program is so essential right now. We are proud to fund it! "

    Martha Sawyer, TrusteeKirbo Charitable Trust Fund

  • This is great! I shared this with by principal and we are both looking forward to have your program at our school in October.

    Mrs. Delgado, School CounselorBeauclerc Elementary

  • I would really like to implement your program at our school next year. We have a really tough fourth grade group of boys that would really benefit. I wanted to touch base with you to see if you can provide me with more information and I thought maybe I could be one of the ten schools :) Thanks for your help!

    Rebecca Eblin, School CounselorSouthside Estates Elementary School

  • Thank you for reaching out to me. I am looking for to having a partnership with you for the upcoming school year.

    Ms. Felicia Hardaway, PrincipalNorth Shore Elementary School

  • I am interested in having this program at my school Young Men's Leadership Academy(YMLA). I feel that this program will benefit our students as they struggle with becoming the leaders that they were meant to be.

    Dr. Alzic Upton, School CounselorYoung Men's Leadership Academy(YMLA)

  • Thank you Mr. Kirk!!! We appreciate you so much.

    Cheree GrahamFACE Afterschool Parent

  • Great presentation today!! Please, please come back to Fort Caroline Elementary!  What do I need to do to make it happen?

    School CounselorFort Caroline Elementary

  • To succeed, we must first believe that we can.

    Michael Korda

  • Vision without Action is a dream soon forgotten

    Dr. Ngo Dong

  • When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you.

    Lao Tzu

  • I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

    Maya Angelou

  • It is character that gets us out of bed, commitment that moves us into action and discipline that enables us to follow through.

    Zig Ziglar

  • The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

    Robert Byrne

  • Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

    Steve Jobs

  • The only thing you lose by not taking a chance is the opportunity

    Paul Hart

  • Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

    William James

  • The price of greatness is responsibility.

    Sir Winston Churchill

  • Change your thoughts and you change your world.

    Norman Vincent Peale

Success Stories

It is so awesome to see your work continuing to touch, shape, motivate and transform young lives all around our city! We need your programs in every school!!!! Keep up the great work my friend!!

Kevin Gay, President/CEOOperation New Hope

Kirk, I recently re-listened to our podcast we did about FACE4Kids. Your message still resonates—no surprise there! Respect, discipline, character, focus, passion and making a difference. Keep spreading the good word—and keep making a difference, my friend.

Steve Piscitelli, OwnerThe Growth and Resilience Network™

Kirk, Thank you for what you do with our children.You do great work with the young folks but as we all know, we are planting seeds and hoping they grow in a straight row.Thanks for your passion for youth…they need all they can get!

Karen Schum, CoordinatorWestside Family Resource Center

Dear Mr. Kirk, Thank you for helping me on being a leader. I'm really starting to improve now. So I would like to thank you for helping me improve my leadership.

Tyrese P., 5th grade studentSpring Park Elementary

I love the idea that you are promoting the FACE program at the AMS conference. The FACE program compliments the Montessori approach and curriculum in many ways and could be a wonderful addition to any school.

Nancy Hatton, Lead DirectressMontessori Tides School

Thanks Kirk. Theia adores you and FACE class. Your consistent clear messages and character building resonate with her and she quotes you often at home.

Laura B., FACE parentAfter school program

Thanks for your support and leadership. You are making changes in the lives of our young people.

Felicia Simmons, CoordinatorGreater Springfield Family Resource Center

FACE is awesome to me because we get to do lots of cool stuff that teaches us self-control

Skyler, Age 10Barkley Elementary

You are great! Thank you for being so flexible and patient. It is GREATLY appreciated!

Mallory Seykoski, ContactCedar Hills Elementary

The FACE program compliments the Montessori approach in practice and philosophy. Mr. Farber’s authentic commitment to a holistic wellness practice has truly been a gift for our community. Through repetition of principles and concepts of fitness, our student’s lives have been enhanced in an invaluable manner.

Kim Bednarek, DirectorThe Discovery School

To say excited would be an understatement about how Fiona feels about coming back to FACE camp. She has absolutely loved the experience and we're not only excited for the summer but are looking forward to registering in the fall. Thanks so much for all you do!

Suzanne E., ParentFACE Summer Camp

I feel all students would benefit from the FACE program. I have taught for 31 years and truly feel this is one of the most beneficial programs taught in my classroom. This program can help prevent many social problems our children face in today's world. Thank you again for providing us with this experience as well as such a capable and dynamic instructor and role model.

Sharon Conrad, First Grade TeacherSan Pablo Elementary

I would recommend FACE Program to any organization that works with youth. The strategies used by Mr. Farber encourages students to improve themselves and strengthen their minds.

Nicole G., School CounselorJohn Love Elementary School

Thank you for presenting at our FCAT Pep rally. Thanks, too, for bringing F.A.C.E. to Parkwood Heights elementary school. The participants improved so much, and were so proud of earning their awards at graduation.

Mr. Ashton Price, PrincipalParkwood Heights Elementary

Thank you Kirk for the fantastic job.... You have a special talent with children. you let the students know that they are somebody and they can be whatever they want to be in life. I hope this program can stay in the duval county schools as it is much needed. THANKS AGAIN

Robin Marell, volunteer liaisonPinedale elementary school

Hello Mr. Kirk, Thank you for doing what you do with ALL of our students across the district. I personally see growth in each of our students who participate weekly. I cannot wait to see the post surveys from teachers. Thank you for this opportunity!

Denise Porter, School CounselorWindy Hill Elementary School

The FACE program is outstanding! My daughter, Gabriella was in it this year 2017. This program made my daughter gain her confidence. She has gone from being a shy little girl to talking in front of the church! Thank you so much!

Jamie S., ParentPublic elementary school

The data clearly shows that your program is making a positive difference in our students academic and social life here at Loretto. Ms. Yon and I are proud of FACE4Kids at our school. Thank you for always being understanding and helpful to our kids. This is a life changer.

Noel K., School CounselorLoretto Elementary

Dear Sensei Kirk, Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much fun Jonathan had last week at FACE summer camp. We would have signed up for next week, but he is in NJ with his grandparents. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program! He can't wait to start doing FACE after school in the fall!

Shana L., parentFACE Summer camp

Thank you for your exhilarating program! The assembly kept the K-6 students engaged and active for the entire hour. Your lesson, coupled with hands-on demonstrations, was enjoyed by kids and parents alike. We look forward to working with you in the future and bringing you back to hopefully present your workshop course.

Jacqueline Draper, Prep Club ManagerBeaches Habitat for Humanity

Evan is now in 7th grade at Providence. New school for him this year. He ran for 7th grade Class president. They had to give a speech to the whole grade of 120 peers. He said he did great! I asked if he was nervous and he said "No". Having FACE helped prepare him. The word of the day gave him the confidence as being a part of FACE was really good for him. Thank you! We are proud of him. Thanks for all you do and the lives you touch.

Tricia N., Athletic DirectorBeaches Episcopal School

Mr. Farber’s classes are fun, positive and encouraging for children of all ages and abilities. The physical activities are challenging, yet exciting and allow the child to strive in an emotionally safe atmosphere. This process builds strength and confidence in each child. Mr. Farber acknowledges children not only for their physical performance, but their positive attitude and persistence. The public speaking portion of the class allows an open forum for the discussion of topics such as responsibility, respect, freedom and kindness.

Julie W., Lead TeacherDiscovery Montessori School

FACE is Great! Thank you so much for seeing Malaki for who he is and helping him enjoy going to school.

Desiree S., parent
FACE public school

Last Spring, Kirk implemented FACE at Seabreeze and the children who participated had a wonderful experience. One child in particular made a huge turn-a-round after participating in the program. His grades, attendance, and behavioral choices all improved. The student commented that he had fun and learned something new every time. I watched as another child accidentally spilled milk on the FACE student one day. In the past, he would have lost his temper. Instead, he kept his cool. Another student commented right then that the FACE student was “like a totally different person.” His teachers shared that his attitude changed and he took directions better. Just yesterday, our music teacher spoke to me about what a huge impact FACE had on that particular student’s life.

Kim K., School CounselorSeabreeze Elementary

I just want to tell you how much my son, Anthony, enjoyed the FACE program. The first class he attended, he was extremely embarrassed and lacked self-confidence to do the activities with the group. He did not want to go back. After much discussion, we were able to guide him into “giving the class another try”. He embraced it and really thrived throughout the remainder of the program. He was eager to go each week and come home to discuss and show us what he had learned. I think his biggest accomplishment was that he got up in front of the entire 4th grade and demonstrated what he had learned!! He displayed self-confidence that I rarely see and I was so proud of him!! I know this program has really made a difference for him. A huge thank you to Kirk for inspiring these students and giving them self-confidence to be a leader!

Jennifer M., M.Ed., TeacherAtlantic Beach Elementary

Thank you for sharing the FACE program, as it truly made a difference. They learned a lot of new skills! Administrators and teachers saw many changes in the students and truly appreciated your energy!

Leslie Luck, School CounselorGreenfield Elementary

The best part about FACE was learning to juggle step-by-step and improve each week of class. I was so proud of myself that I learned how to juggle. Mr. Kirk is the best teacher.

Kaylen N., StudentDuval County public school

FACE was a very fun activity and it helped us improve our jump roping and strength and eye-hand coordination. Mr. Kirk taught us that 5 minutes of jumping rope equals to 15 minutes of jogging.

Naomi M., StudentDuval County public school

Kirk, thank you so much for coming out tonight for the Art Of Family (AOF) at J. Finegan elementary. It was a great night and you got such great responses from all the parents and students about the FACE presentations. You are always welcome to join us, just say the word!

Don Morgan III, Behavior SpecialistFSS - BRC / Daniel Memorial

We are so happy and fortunate to have FACE at MAJ this school year. Mr. Farber comes to us all the way from the beach to Baldwin and there was no cost for the program. The children loved it and we are excited to get into the next eight lessons which have already been provided for our school.

Grace Wilhelm, School CounselorMamie Agnes Jones Elementary

We've been so impressed with their conditioning, They are feeling confident. Kirk the work with you is really benefiting the boys with their sports. What you have accomplished is beyond what we could have hoped for!! Thank you!

Niels Bull, Parent
Kelly Burnett, ParentFACE4Kids personal training