FACE4Kids News
September 2022
FACE4Kids® motivates elementary youth to build fitness, self-esteem, and character before it's too late. FACE benefits from strategic partnerships that allow the 8-week program to be offered FREE during the public school day throughout the year.

FACE is back for its 19th year

FACE4Kids® is excited to start its 19th year in September at 12 different school locations. FACE4Kids truly is making a difference in the lives of the youth today. Public, Private, Community Center, Montessori and Special Education schools all have requested the FACE program for the current school year.

It Takes a Village!

Since becoming a non-profit 501c3 in 2010, Fitness and Character Education, Inc. has been able to provide FREE classes where the youth leadership program is needed most, benefitting from strategic partnerships with so many supporters and believers in FACE4Kids.

FACE4Kids® holds each school accountable with pre/post survey data metrics in 5 categories: Fitness, confidence, school effort, social skills and behavior choices. It is great to have testimonials, photos, requesting locations and word of mouth success. The data confirms that every school has improved since implementing data metrics in 2015.

Vision without Action
is a dream soon forgotten.

If you know of a location that would be interested in FACE4Kids® or interested in more information about FIT (FACE Instructor Training), then please let us know.

Making a Difference!

FACE4Kids® has created an online virtual workout while continuing to provide the FACE program FREE onsite for all public schools. Funding is needed to continue our mission, so please consider a donation. Thank You!