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    Respect Yourself.
    Vision without Action,
    is a dream soon forgotten.
    Pride in Accomplishment!
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    During school programs
    After school programs
    Summer Camps & Assemblies
    Public, Private, Montessori, & Charter schools
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    School Effort
    Social Skills
    Behavior Choices
    Data Metrics
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    Believe in yourself
    You can do it
    Stay focused and have fun
    Winners never quit and quitters never win
    Make a Difference!
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    Martial Arts
    Jump Rope
    Agility Training
    The children of today ...

    the leaders of tomorrow!
    Public speaking
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    Be a Friend
    The power of a compliment
    Help others
    Share a smile
    Be a Leader!
Online Training


FACE4Kids has rolled out the FACE program through an online workout available to all students in the various elementary school enrollment options: In-school option, Distance learning opportunity, and Virtual Instruction.  FACE4Kids is offered both onsite and virtual. Please click on


FACE4Kids Online Workout


Let’s help each other keep our
bodies and spirits strong!

As we move through the COVID-19 public health crisis, Fitness and Character Education, Inc. mission remains the same - motivating elementary youth to build fitness, self esteem and character before it is too late. If anything, the need to reach at risk youth is even greater considering the unstable and challenging climate. We continue to work diligently to come up with a strategy school wide to implement our program while taking into consideration the appropriate health and safety protocols.

FACE4Kids has created an online virtual workout and providing the majority of classes in an outdoor or cafeteria environment, while adhering to CDC guidelines for social distancing . Funding is needed to continue our mission, so please consider a donation.



Welcome To FACE4KidsĀ®

Even children who are not old enough to understand the consequences of their actions can suffer from them. Fitness and Character Education (FACE) motivates elementary school children to build fitness, self esteem and character before it’s too late.

Since its inception in 2004, the FACE core program and General Assemblies have reached and influenced more than 25,000 students building self confidence, nurturing broken spirits, growing moral character and instilling a non-defeatist attitude.  With a focus on fitness, to help reduce obesity, the FACE program combines hand-eye coordination, physical fitness, public speaking and character education to build self esteem, respect and confidence.

Helping today's youth become tomorrow's successful leaders.


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Fitness And Character Education, Inc. (FACE) was created to share youth leadership principles and fitness in the elementary school environment. This dynamic program instills confidence, personal growth and a positive attitude for all participants. The individual sessions are an “Edu-Taining” approach to respecting one’s self while incorporating fitness skills too.

Whether it be during school, after school, camps, or private, public, charter, and montessori schools..the focus is the same - Helping today's youth become tomorrow's successful leaders.

  • combines confidence, growth and positive attitude, leaving an imprint that lasts a lifetime
  • motivates kids to get fit, get positive, get ahead
  • utilizes a proven combination of incentives, physical activity, and communication skills
  • connect with children in familiar surroundings -- in school and community settings
  • offers kids an alternative to risky and destructive behaviors and helps them understand why they should make the right choice
  • offers positive role models and reduces peer pressure by making good choices the cool thing to do
  • cultivates self esteem, self confidence and self control
  • helps today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders

All kids want to earn something. Like the martial arts, students reach new levels of skill coordination and are “promoted” to different levels after completing the entire FACE session (the minimum session is 8 classes). They “graduate” by learning all the lessons that are taught during the sessions and even perform some of their skills (both physical skills and public speaking skills) at a “graduation.” Each FACE session earns the child a different colored T-shirt and an award certificate that denotes their accomplishments. This encourages the child to want to earn the next level of colored shirt and accomplish even more.

By instilling a sense of accomplishment in the child, and requiring a certain amount of attendance at the weekly sessions, we help the child set goals and achieve them and ultimately foster life skills that are invaluable in the child’s life.

The FACE Program is unique in that it not only increases physical fitness but also addresses and builds areas of the child’s character, self esteem and confidence. Fitness training is essential, but character building is priceless and can leave an imprint that lasts a lifetime. With most students, they not only meet their own expectations but excel way beyond them!

FACE4kids benefits from strategic partnerships that allow the 8-week program to be offered FREE during the school day throughout the year, where principals and teachers recognize the positive impact in the lives of their students. Often these students come from communities that suffer from extreme poverty, high crime rates, high unemployment and fractured homes.

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  • To target elementary aged children and positively enhance their character, fitness level and leadership qualities
  • To manage aggression and disciplinary problems effectively (with exercise, mental stimulation and accomplishment)
  • To build a “community” one leader at a time by teaching confidence, self esteem and respect
  • To nurture a student’s ability to achieve academically by growing areas of the child’s character and confidence
  • To help today’s youth become tomorrow’s successful leaders by introducing positive social interaction
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  • Respect and courteousness
  • Public speaking & eye contact
  • General friendliness
  • Openness to making new friends
  • Understanding the importance of education and homework
  • Developing & understanding physical fitness
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  • Increased self-esteem. As students reach new levels of skill coordination and complete exercises in character building, such as public speaking, they are “Promoted” with different color t-shirts, certificates and awards denoting their accomplishments. This is reinforced through praise and reflection upon how much they have accomplished, with focus on being a leader.
  • Increased self-confidence. This is exemplified both inside the classroom where students are less afraid to participate in learning activities and outside the classroom where students interact more positively with others.
  • Aggression Management. Students prone to disciplinary problems find physical and emotional outlets through exercise, mental stimulation and accomplishment.

Since its inception in 2004, the FACE core program and General Assemblies have reached and influenced more than 25,000 students building self confidence, nurturing broken spirits, growing moral character and instilling a non-defeatist attitude.  This unique program combines Martial arts, jump rope, juggling, agility training and public speaking. FACE4kids motivates elementary youth to build fitness, self-esteem, and character before it’s too late.

In the News

Fitness And Character Education, Inc. is a non profit youth leadership organization. News and links about FACE4Kids®.

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Data Metrics

We hold each public school accountable with pre/post survey data metrics in 5 categories: Fitness, Confidence, School Effort, Social Skills, and Behavior Choices.

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FACE4Kids® has been implemented in over 60 different school locations throughout NE Florida since 2004 while expanding to Pennsylvania in 2012.

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FACE4kids® benefits from strategic partnerships that allow the 8-week program to be offered FREE directly impacting 300 students within a public school district each year.

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We have embarked upon a journey to partner with like-minded individuals and companies that have a desire to change a community by bringing character, fitness and leadership skills to our youth.  We have spent decades working with our youth, years creating the FACE Program and now launching the expansion phase.

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Each public school that signs up for the FACE program needs to have a teacher or counselor ‘contact’ that is willing to commit implementation of the 8-week FACE program at your school. Since FACE is providing the program at no charge, the commitment is required on a first come basis. Please contact us if interested

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We are honored and proud to have the best FACE instructors with quality and experience!

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Please consider making a difference by contributing to the success of FACE4Kids®.

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FACE4Kids® starting
2021-2022 school year.

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The children of today are
the leaders of tomorrow!

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