Location of Fitness and Character Education Programs

Planting the Seed

FACE4Kids® includes grants from the Beaches Resource Center, Westside Resource Center, Sandalwood Resource Center, Springfield Resource Center, Englewood Resource Center, Arlington Resource Center, Paxon Resource Center, San Diego (CA) Revitalization for children, City of Atlantic Beach, City of Neptune Beach, Intrepid Capital Management Inc., Kirbo Charitable Trust, Community Foundation, Dubow Foundation, Walmart Foundation, The Players Championship Redcoats Foundation, Keller Williams Realty, Deerwood Rotary, CSX, Wells Fargo, Adecco, Karl Estes Foundation, Sabel Foundation, Jim Winston Family Foundation, Jim Moran Foundation, David Stein Family Foundation, Hayden Hurst Foundation and Scheidel Foundation. The concept and metrics of Fitness And Character Education for the elementary and middle schools are working!!
FACE4Kids® has already been introduced and shared at many locations including both elementary and middle schools throughout the school year. The program can be during the school day, after school program, or camps during summer and winter breaks. FACE is an ideal program for Public, Private, Charter and Montessori schools - truly making a difference in the lives of our elementary youth today!

Vision without action is a dream soon forgotten.

Just do it!

The Discovery School
Spring Park Elementary
Bayview Elementary
Beaches Episcopal School
San Pablo Elementary
Seabreeze Elementary
Atlantic Beach Elementary
Ocean Yoga Studio
Montessori Tides School

Become not strong but weak.

Be AWARE of your own faults & weaknesses.

Oak Hill Elementary
Timucuan Elementary
Holiday Hill Elementary
John Love Elementary
Mayport Elementary
Mayport Middle School
Neptune Beach Elementary
Rawlings Elementary
Joseph Finegan Elementary

I complained of only one shoe 
until I met a man with only one leg.

APPRECIATE what you have!

Steady Step Therapy
Cobalt Moon Studio
Polly B. Dance Studio
N.F. Gymnastics
Jordan Park Community Center
JCA Center
Hogan-Spring Glen Elementary
Cedar Hills Elementary
Bolles Elementary

Do what you love, 

Love what you Do!

Annie R. Morgan Elementary
Abess Park Elementary
Windy Hill Elementary
Greenfield Elementary
Love Grove Elementary
JEB Stuart Middle School
St. Clair Evans Academy
Southside Middle School
Englewood Elementary

If you love life, don't waste time.

For time is what life is made up of.

Parkwood Heights Elementary
Southside Estates Elementary
Pinedale Elementary
Waterleaf Elementary
Barkley Elementary
Fort Caroline Elementary
Hyde Grove Elementary
Ramona Elementary
Loretto Elementary

You may not be able to control people's responses but you can control your own actions and attitudes!

The Power of a Compliment

Ruth Upson Elementary
Duval Charter at Westside
San Jose Elementary
Jax. Beach Elementary
North Shore Elementary
Reynolds Lane Elementary
Normandy Village Elementary
Carver Community Center
George W. Carver Elementary

A Leader has the confidence

to stand alone.

Beauclerc Elementary
Richard Lewis Brown School
Young Men's Leadership Academy
John E. Ford Elementary
New Berlin Elementary
Oceanway Elementary
Twin Lakes Elementary
Dinsmore Elementary
Mamie Agnes Jones Elementary
The Noble School
Home schooled environments
North Fla School of Special Education