FACE4Kids camps

FACE4KidsĀ® Camps

FACE camps are specifically designed to accommodate student and/or athletes of all ages, especially of elementary age youth.  The FACE philosophy is "Helping today's youth become tomorrow's successful leaders." Our camps develop both student and athlete in every phase of their Fitness And Character Education.  We focus on developing the following components in every camp participant: work ethic, fitness, and leadership.   The components of proper technique for developing speed, agility, proper nutrition, and strength training are also presented.  

FACE camp is a 3 hour session consisting of juggling (coordination of hands and eyes), jumping rope (timing of feet and body with cardio), martial arts (focus on proper technique, balance and discipline of movements), agility training (inside and outside), and fitness games (animal games for strength and conditioning). Also, the children speak on a different word each session in terms of public speaking. The emphasis is fitness and coordination, yet also uses the subliminal concept of building  self-esteem and confidence for children through performing and speaking in front of others too.  The camps have a weekly theme, with emphasis on strength (hitting karate pads), stretch (holding postures), and stamina (fitness drills).


Professional Instruction

How to build Discipline, Fitness and Self-Esteem
by having FUN each Camp session!

  • After School Enrichment or Extended care programs ideal for elementary schools, after school for kids.
  • Private Group lessons ideal for individual or small group functional fitness or language instruction.
  • At-Risk Youth or individuals selected from School administrators ideal for building self-esteem and turning trouble makers into Leaders!
  • Weekly on-going Classes ideal for improvement in both physical and mental aspects of child(ren).
  • Seminars and Workshops are ideal for keynote and presentation to large groups.

CONTACT US, if you are interested in inquiring about our professional instruction for youth (or adults). Thank you!


Camp Schedule

Following CAMPS are being offered at various locations in the Jacksonville Community. Students may participate at TDS location, even without being a student at the school. 

Please feel welcome to contact us if any questions, Thank You!


JUNE 7 - JULY 12: FACE4Kids training

1:00 - 4:00 PM       Malvai Washington Foundation    

4th - 8th graders

       Camp Dynamite on Tuesdays


JUNE 6 - JUNE 10: Fitness training and conditioning

9:00 - 12:00 PM       The Discovery School    

1st - 7th graders

       CLICK for DETAILS


JUNE 13 - JUNE 17: Juggling & Jumping Rope

9:00 - 12:00 PM       The Discovery School    
1st - 7th graders        CLICK for DETAILS


JUNE 20 - JUNE 24: Karate and Self Defense

9:00 - 12:00 PM        The Discovery School    
1st - 7th graders        CLICK for DETAILS


JUNE 27 - JULY 1: Sword Fighting

9:00 - 12:00 PM       The Discovery School    
1st - 7th graders        CLICK for DETAILS


Agility Training, Boxing and Fitness Interval Training are available in private or group settings. Click HERE for more details.