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FACE Graduations

The Graduation should be the Highlight of the FACE session. Invitations go out to family members and School Administrators and even fellow students attend the graduation of the FACE participants. All kids want to earn something. Like the martial arts, students reach new levels of skill coordination and are “promoted” to different levels after completing the entire FACE session (the average session is 8 classes). 

Graduation consists mainly of demonstration of skills and an Award Ceremony; each participant EARNS at least a T-shirt, jump rope, and diploma. They give an overview demo with Martial Arts, Animal games, jump rope, juggling and then speak on one of the weekly "Character Education" themes in front of the entire audience. They also recite the "I WILL WIN" poem.

By instilling a sense of accomplishment in the child, and requiring a certain amount of attendance at the weekly sessions, we help the child set goals and achieve them and ultimately foster life skills that are invaluable in the child’s life. Bottom Line ... FACE4Kids makes a difference!

More SUCCESS STORIES with letters of request from schools and students

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